LeaseWeb Launches 100TB Dedicated Servers

A fresh line of hosting solutions with dedicated server being fueled by 100 Terabytes of bandwidth a month, have been launched by LeaseWeb, a famous hosting provider in Europe. LeaseWeb satisfies its clients with greatest connectivity by using servers of high caliber like Dell or HP. These servers are powered by a 1 Gigabit per second port which enhances their performance.

By acquainting Europe with 100TB hosting service, LeaseWeb has earned a great achievement. Not only do the users get the highest bandwidth and connectivity, they also do not have to pay absurd amounts of money for it. The servers are available at will. Clients now have the options to choose from a Linux, BSD or Windows server including many other features. And for just a little more fee, users can get 1Gbps unmetered ports to update their servers.

With the launch of this new server, a steep fall in prices for hosting and transmission of data has been witnessed. Also, owners of websites which contain heavy content like videos or require huge storage with 100 TB serves, now have the perfect bandwidth solution.

Con Zwinkels, managing director of LeaseWeb stated: “LeaseWeb has been the leader in the hosting industry since 1997, pioneering affordable, high quality hosting. With LeaseWeb’s 100TB packages we have expanded our range of offerings to provide customers with our highest value hosting package and LeaseWeb’s well-known reputation for superior connectivity. LeaseWeb peers with incumbent carriers globally. Our 100TB offering gives customers unparalleled server value — with extreme quality connectivity and service. We expect large demand for these servers. With this offering we are taking hosting to the next level.”

About LeaseWeb:

Being a Netherlands based company LeaseWeb was created in the year 1997. Boasting of a network uptime of 99.999%, this hosting provider provides its clients with a bandwidth of more than 1 Tbps. Virtualization and cloud, colocation with customized IT framework solution are some of the things the dedicated servers of LeaseWeb provide.

Spread across Europe, LeaseWeb’s ever evolving network includes five data centers in Amsterdam and Brussels all linked to the main telecom providers. The cities which come under its Internet exchange include London, New York, Frankfurt and many more famous European cities.

Its vast network is visible in businesses around the world, such as banking and finance, health care, technology and more.  Wikimedia, Starbucks, Unive, Twenga etc. are some of its famous clients. IT giants like Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Parallels and many others, all choose LeaseWeb as partners.


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