Launching Your Website Into The Twitter Space

Websites liked and have been on the forefront for sometime, but since the beginning of 2009 social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter started gaining attention among people and businesses. The figures are overwhelming now with twitter, qualifying as a microblogging website (because of the limited length of characters allowed for Tweeting), growing by 190 million users each month. These avid users are ‘tweet freaks’ sending out messages from webhosting endeavors to exam schedules almost every minute- more so because of net access through mobile.
If you want to get a share of the Twitter pie, you need to engage in conversation. You just cannot gather over 1000 users in a week and start sending tweets, as everyone else is ready to speak there rather than listen. Here are the basic and advanced ways in which you can set up and move forward your twitter account to gain the attention that you deserve.

Getting Started

First of all reserve a name reserved for your account. Even if you don’t plan on tweeting right now you must get it before it gets taken away. Try to understand the utility of this social forum by asking other professionals and colleagues. In the first instance ‘follow’ them and try to participate in the discussions. You will be amazed by the power of twitter if you devote only 20 minutes to the site every day. You can also retweet some good tweets of your friends and respond to relevant discussions.

Advanced Tweeting

Since Twitter has a microblogging format with a limit of 140 characters you will have to opt for for longer tweets. You cannot put in a link to your tweet here, but you can explain yourself better. To give more exposure to your company you must understand the Twitter lingo. Some of the peculiar Twitter syntax is explained below:


“RT” stands for a re-tweet. Retweeting another user’s twitter post (or tweet) means that your followers will see it published through you (with a link back to the original tweet). You can edit retweets to add your own comments.


“@username” indicates a message that is meant for a specific user or gives reference to a particular profile. You can be lucky if people start giving your company’s name in this way.


#keyword is an indication of a discussion. If you add #keyword to your tweet it will be added to the discussion taking place on that topic throughout Twitter.


Your tweeting efforts can be helped by a lot of applications. With you can sign into and monitor several accounts on multiple social sites. Then there are apps that map the location of fellow tweeters, let you gauge the success of your tweets, manage your followers and syndicate, publish, and target your tweets. You can find new applications that suit your intentions on

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