Kalio Releases KalioMobile SaaS Mobile Ecommerce Application

Kalio Inc., a major ecommerce software company, announced this Friday the release of its updated new KalioMobile application for mobile ecommerce. KalioMobile is backed by the company’s powerful enterprise class Software as a service (SaaS) KalioCommerce. This is an ecommerce app that makes both mobiles and standard websites share the main system thus improving efficiency and reducing costs to the retailers.

With the introduction of KalioMobile online retailers will be able to avail the benefits of mobile ecommerce. The new release is an advancement of KalioCommerce application that is quickly setting the bar for the ecommerce industry. With KalioMobile, online retailers don’t need to worry about creating a separate mobile architecture as the mobile site is able to integrate directly with present back-end operations, assets, and databases.

“KalioMobile is completely integrated with all other marketing channels, so our customers can manage their mobile site as an extension of their primary website,” Kalio co-founder and chief executive officer Larry Kavanagh said. “Because it works across channels, it saves online retailers significant effort and expense in managing a true multichannel retail presence.”

With the same interface it will be easy to manage content, advertisement, real-time inventory, trade regulations, and other main features of ecommerce for both mobile sites and common sites. This is bound to align both web channels perfectly as online customers get round the clock access to same offerings for products no matter which site they embark on.

“It’s also very easy to set up for customers on KalioCommerce,” said Kavanagh. “We can launch a mobile presence in a matter of hours.”

KalioCommerce has already set the benchmark high in the ecommerce industry. It is based on Software as a service (SaaS) model where merchants are allowed to sign in, amend, and manage their websites easily.

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