Infinera Aids Pacnet after Japan Earthquake

In March, Japan was rocked by an earthquake and tsunami which badly affected data centers of web hosts in Tokyo. To assist its recovery, Infinera a digital optical networking systems provider, announced that it will assist Pacnet in redeveloping its technology.

Although most of the datacenters in Tokyo were able to tolerate the energy crisis created by the disasters, they face a challenge this summer because of government-imposed blackouts resulting in a lack of fuel.

According to the senior research analyst at Pike, Andy Bae, “Japan’s electric utilities have been investing huge amounts of capital in power infrastructure, resulting in advanced capabilities in transmission infrastructure and power delivery services” He then stated, “However, the tragic March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and resulting Fukushima nuclear accident are likely to redefine not only Japan smart grid planning, but perhaps the direction of the nation’ utility industry”

After the disasters destroyed Pacnet’s networks, Infinera was given the job to provide 400 GB/s of capacity over Pacnet’s networks as soon as possible. Infinera immediately responded with a commitment to its customers to restore the network in its desired state. A virtual team was created across Tokyo, Singapore and Sunnyvale to execute a through recovery plan. Within four days, equipment needed to restore the 400 GB/s capacity was shipped to Tokyo. It was installed and tested within a month.

“The task to help restore the Pacnet network under such tight timelines and immense pressure was significant” stated Infinera’s Vice President for customer support, Lonny Orona, “But we were determined to help our customer in any way possible and be with them every step of the way, o they could fully meet their customers’ needs. Both the Pacnet and the Infinera teams worked tirelessly to restore services on the network enabling them to roll out services quickly and efficiently”

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