IBM Releases New Cloud-based Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

A screenshot of IBM SmartCloud Resilience services page

In a report released by IBM on Monday, it was stated that IBM has released its SmartCloud Resilience services, the latest cloud service by the company which will allow customers to secure, store and recover important information faster, in case of a calamity. It will cost much less, work twice as fast and be more elastic than the services provided earlier, working with the traditional data center.

Earlier, businesses would develop different images of servers and applications functioning at various data center sites that just increased complexity and the finance of IT management. The IBM SmartCloud also provides organizations of different sizes virtual and physical server recovery service that constantly copy the applications and all the data involved with it, on a secure cloud infrastructure. With this service the customers can have their businesses restored almost immediately after suffering an outage in their IT infrastructure. The cloud enables customers to control and balance workloads, reduce the cost of application and system downtime with very little loss of information.

“Now more than ever, companies are relying on a massive amount of data to run their businesses, storing it longer and retrieving it as needed,” said Rick Ruiz, general manager of IBM’s business continuity and resiliency services. “This creates a need for a business resilience strategy that will ensure continuous operation and create a competitive advantage to enable growth opportunities. Our new cloud services bring flexibility, scalability, and rapid provisioning to help accomplish that.”

In this service, IBM SmartCloud introduces Virtualized Server Recovery that improves reliability and efficiency of restoring data so that business downtime is almost nonexistent. Clients who want to take advantage of this service can do so through a web based program, to transfer their businesses to the IBM’s cloud for faster recovery of their data if they suffer any outages.

One more important feature of this service is IBM SmartCloud Archive, which has been developed to come up to the standards of privacy and regulatory compliance from advance search and indexing to eDiscovery abilities. The customers also receive an advanced document and records management system to deal with structured and unstructured material, control over increasing data storage price with increased availability of crucial business content.

The service can be merged with Archive and Virtualized services for storage, data safety and duplication. More tools for cloud based businesses consist of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery 6.2 that offers disaster recovery software which can allow cloud storage option. These services can be accessed by users after July 19th in particular markets of the IBM SmartCloud portfolio, which includes enterprise cloud technologies and services providing private, public and hybrid cloud based on IBM hardware, software, services and practices.

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