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CIO’s and IT managers need a way to sift through the tons of information available online and determine quickly if the information is relevant for their use. HypeOrRipe.com (http://HypeOrRipe.com) offers this service for companies in a clutter free forum where IT professionals can share ideas without being bogged down in a long registration process. The website is the latest venture by Logicalis (www.us.logicalis.com). Logicalis, an international company provides services and solution of integrated information and communication technology (ICT).

“The content on HypeOrRipe.com will give readers brief, to-the-point items of interest. More importantly, it will give them a forum where they can interact with each other quickly and easily. This is a forum where IT pros can come together for fast conversations without the hassle of registrations before chatting.  They can even sign up for updates on their mobile device by texting Ripe to 55678 and give their opinions while on the run.  It’s the perfect format if you only have a limited amount of time and need a quick idea or second opinion from your peers.” This was stated by Lisa Dreher, Logicalis’ Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

The HypeOrRipe.com blog asks readers to vote how important they consider each topic. Companies can then sort through the topics and determine what the topics of interest are. The objective of the blog site is to keep enough news items available to generate good discussion and to create a place where IT professionals can talk openly and have a frank exchange of ideas.

Quick Overview of HypeOrRipe.com

  • Information: All posts are precise, short in length and quick-hits which are updated many times during the week.
  • Opinions: The reader polls provide immediate and quick feedback for CIO’s and IT managers. They can quickly and easily get to know how important the topic is deemed by the IT population.
  • Connections: Communication between top management and other IT pros is encouraged on the blog. They are all encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on the open forum.
  • Ease of Use: No manner of registrations are required if you want to start posting comments and making connections with other readers on the website. You simply have to provide name and email address (which will not be displayed) along with your comment.
  • Mobile Enabled: You can receive website related news and updates on your cell phone by texting ‘Ripe’ to 55678. You can receive updates, make comments and vote on the topics from your cell phone.
  • Credible Source: Logicalis is a highly reliable solution provider. Their IT experts are often quoted by well known IT media channels.  For more information on the company, visit their website www.us.logicalis.com

To stay up to date, follow the company on twitter @Logicalis


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