How To Start With Reseller Hosting

If you intend to become a professional blogger and host several blogging sites at the same time then you should consider Blog Reseller Hosting to turn your talent into a lucrative opportunity.  To accomplish this you can buy separate hosting accounts for individual blogs or launch your blogs on sub-domains, but purchasing a blog hosting site to resell is the best option after all. You can have unlimited domain names with a blog reseller hosting account by paying the same regular value and later on host the blogs of other bloggers for a fee. Here’s how you can get started.

Starting up

You need to shop around a bit like all reselling business amateurs. Point out web hosts that offer reselling packages on the internet. However, you need to polish up on your basic reselling knowledge to know which deal you really should have and what add-ons are of no value to you at least initially. You should

  • Compare prices and services.
  • Make sure there is room for future upgrades as you will be expanding.
  • Look for technical assistance and verify it through customer reviews.
  • When you have finally settled for a suitable web host you should get things going. Now you need potential buyers who are ready to notice you and buy your plan. You can approach this option in many ways although it is a difficult point in the start.
  • Your website should be attractive, but in professional manner. It should be simple, but inviting. Adding the company name and logo gives it authenticity and relevance.
  • Get the word out about your website. Your reseller knowledge may not be as important here than your marketing and advertising skills online.  Make sure to clearly state the USP (Unique selling proposition) for your service that should make you stand out of the clutter or at least in the front row of competitors. “Cheaper is better”, “cheap without compromises”, “affordable solution” are all good baits.
  • First look around the familiar circle of bloggers and blog owners on your network. They will be more receptive to your plans. Put up prominent notices about your new business and even give them your package at complimentary rates. Make this known through your blog and social sites. Also send emails and later newsletter to subscribers to tell them of your offerings.
  • When your trusted circle has used your plan ask them for genuine reviews for the complimentary offerings you gave them. The testimonials will go a long way in bringing up your reputation. You can give their reference and then expand your target market by offering discounts and promotions.
  • Use bundle offers with your main hosting plans like SEO services, web design, domain name registration, SSL certificates, technical services, apps, downloads etc. You can even offer them tailored packages for a premium fee.

How to attract buyers

In all cases make sure you are able to provide them what you offer. You do want repeat customers and new customers so don’t cheat.

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