How to Sketch a Winning Website Redesign

Recreating a website is a lengthy and costly procedure and it has become a compulsion. Marketers want to redesign websites after every two years or so to give the website a new look. However, the website redesigning approach is not taken correctly by organizations most of the time and hence the website redesigning procedure effects in becoming a costly, unyielding and late debut one. In order to avoid any failure, an organization should make sure to have an elaborated and rightly directed plan to make the most of their Website redesigning procedure.

When planning on whether or not to redesign your website, you should seriously consider if your website needs a redesign. However, if the reason for your website redesign is customer complains then you are surely not in the need of a redesign as complains cannot be avoided either way and this is no genuine reason to put so much cost in the redesign.

Plan Website Redesigning

After having decided to undergo a website redesign, make sure to invest enough time and funds to have an elaborated and objected plan. This strategic planning will save both your time and efforts and keep you on the right path when working. You can also get website redesigning ideas through feedbacks from your customers and other professionals.

1. Customer Feedback

Collecting customer feedback will open doors to distinctive ideas as customers are the ones who access your website and they know best what they will appreciate. Your customers are most affected by any change in your website and hence a feedback from them will tell you exactly what they would like to have and what perplexes them.

However, with the help of a few suggested tools you can collect valuable feedback from your customers. These include:

  • 4Q Survey

This is a pop-up survey free of cost that asks visitors why they visit your website and whether their needs and requirements are being fulfilled or not.

  • Kampyle

With Kampyle you can get recommendations and bug reports from the visitors of your website and examine outcomes using consoles and reports.

2. Professional Feedback

Getting feedback from customers will surely offer you great help but it could be biased and according to personal taste of a customer at times. Hence, it is important to get a word or two from a professional who could be an independent person or inside employee. The marketers who are taking part in the redesigning issue can also offer experienced advices as they identify the dynamic issues of the website.

You can use many tools to get feedback from professionals, two are listed below.


This website contains videos where users execute given tasks on your website and you can find out what problems they are facing.

  • Concept Feedback

This is a website that contains assessments from experts of web design, usability, tactic and replica.

3. Prepare a Specified Document

After having collected information and ideas, start listing them down in a document form with inclusion of the assembly of the website, wireframe drawings, keyword approach based content, design savors and all other necessary information.

4. Decide Quantitative Goals

The goals behind your website redesign should be quantitative otherwise the whole redesigning effort will fall apart. Keep the present performance of your website in mind and then set your goals.

These steps will not only organize your redesigning venture but also make it more focused and business oriented, resulting in a cost effective website redesigning process.

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