How To Have A Website Published

Getting a website online for the world to see requires you work in a series of processes. It’s not as easy as it seems, especially if the website tends to be a professional one. Here are a few steps on how you can create a website and also have it published.

1). Creating a Website

If you have a strong knowledge of HTML, PHP, Java and .Net you can easily create your own website, as these coding languages are essential tools to give your website a dynamic touch. If however, you have no knowledge about website designing, you would need to have it professionally created by a web developer. Once the site is created, you can easily modify it through DreamWeaver, EditPlus or Notepad. You may get open sources to create a website, but remember it would be a very basic site and would not give you a strong professional sense.

There is also a difference between a site and a WordPress blog. The two greatly vary, so you have to decide first whether you want a totally functional site, or you want just a blog through WordPress. If your main forte is into writing and blogging, then WordPress would be ideal. But if you’re dealing with e-commerce, then a functional site would be the best option. Joomla is also good CMS software to be used for basic site functionalities alongwith content administration.

2). Web Hosting Service

Now that you have created a website, the next step is to have a web hosting service. In simple terms, this means that you would have to buy a particular stage that would keep your site performing 24/7 throughout the year. This hosting stage is called as website hosting and there are hundreds of web hosting services ready to provide hosting for your site. However, like every other business, you would have to choose the best service, if you want your site to run smoothly. Maximum bandwidth and storage space, price strategies and extra services should be considered when you look out for a web hosting service. There are some famous website hosting services such as JustHost, iPage and FatCow.

3). Publishing The Site

When you have the hosting service, all you have to do is upload the root directory of your site to the web hosting server. You will be given a hosting account through which you can upload files and content of the site, but that often is quite slow and therefore experts recommend using an FTP client. If you use Firefox as the main browser then use the FireFTP add-on; this will help you access the hosting account through the browser and upload files easily.

If you are new to web designing, hosting and publishing, it is recommended that you do a thorough study of each of these fields and conduct experiments on your site (just be sure you know how to bring it back to normal state again!) and check the results. Don’t be too dependent on your developer or hosting service provider. A little self learning is always good.

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