How Did Web Hosting Come Into Being?

While browsing the website did you ever think, how the website is visible to you? What forces are acting behind the website, making it functional and visible for the whole world to see? This force is none other than web hosting; a concept that had taken birth in 1991, when the internet had already been popular amongst techies in the form of networking. With web hosting got a little popular, the number of websites started growing in the internet world, until today we have 50 million and growing websites.

The idea of web hosting can be traced back to computer networking when in 1962 J.C.R Licklider at MIT brought about a Galactic Network where multiple computers across the globe were connected so that information could be shared and accessed. As the years passed, there was a considerable enhancement in the way computers, the internet and networking sites were synced.

In 1966, one of the first ever wide area networks was developed, under the name of ARPANET and was solely used for military or educational services. The common man was not even aware of the existence of computers or networks that would later change the very pattern of living life.

As an experiment, in 1969, the ARPANET was used to link computers at the UCLA, The Stanford Research Institute, The University of California Santa Barbara and the University of Utah. Within two years time, the researchers were able to link up 19 hosts and 13 nodes to the network.

The e-mail was first developed by Roy Tomlinson and in 1971 it was put in use to send messages over the connected network. The @ symbol designated the host who would be receiving the mail.

With the passage of time, there was considerable improvement done in the internet structure and various enhancements were done on TCP protocols to cater to the needs of more networks. TCP (Transmissions Control Protocol) acted as the main form of unifying all the networks across the globe.

It was only during the 1980s that the internet was able to completely flush out its powers. It rapidly spread around and the ARPANET was connected with a number of other networks globally. The internet initially was the term used for internal networking where a series of networks were interconnected through the TCP/IP format.

Because there were a number of networks connected, it was difficult to identify which network belonged to which industry. Therefore, to avoid confusion, the Domain Name System (DNS) was formally brought about in 1984. Educational, governmental, military, commercial and organizations were given a unique domain name with a .edu, .gov, .mil, .com and .org respectively.

All these technicalities finally led to the exposure of the network. What was initially privatized now became a public domain. People started becoming familiar with the networks and constant improvements, plus contributions by ingenious techs finally led to the website hosting service. Tim Berner Lee’s HTML pages took on the form of websites and we finally had the World Wide Web that uses Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) that are used to locate the websites. With the current technology, website hosting is now cheap and relatively easy to work on.

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