Highwinds Introduces Software StrikeTracker 2.0 Beta

A well known company dealing with content delivery, network and IP services has launched the most recent version of prize winning service, StrikeTracker this week. With this service, Highwinds content delivery network (CDN) users will now be able to access real time reporting, as well as analytics and content management. To catch a glimpse of what the original software contains, Highwinds has introduced TAP (Technology Access Program) which allows companies to test the software before it is officially launched in the market.

Ever since it was released in 2008 StrikeTracker has become the business’s top CDN console. Since then it has been receiving positive customer feedback and support as well as the ‘Streaming Media European Reader’s Choice Award for Reporting and Analytics’. It was also chosen as ‘Streaming Media Editor’s Pick’.

“StrikeTracker has always been a shining example of Highwinds’ development capabilities and has helped us differentiate our CDN offering,” said Steve Liddell, president of Content Delivery and Network Services for Highwinds.  “And now StrikeTracker 2.0 significantly improves on this.  We’ve listened to our customers and developed what we think is a unique, game-changing console that far surpasses the capabilities of its counterparts.  With the announcement of Highwinds TAP, we’re going to allow a select number of customers to access it first.”

A great many features have been incorporated by Highwinds to make this version a much better improvement. Self service applications are still the main aim of the company yet providing top analytics. The main features provided are:

  • Users now have the option of knowing exactly how popular their material is with the help of charts and graphs. As a result they are now in better control over data visualization and analytics.
  • Customers can use streaming tools by themselves without any interruption. New self service tools allow users to have full command over the content which they can change according to will.
  • Users as soon as they login will be able to view content that is most important for them with the help of a fresh prosumer dashboard.

Many companies hoping to gain access to this program, StrikeTracker 2.0 Beta, will be able to do so now since Highwinds is now allowing them into its Technology Access Program. The companies which become a part of TAP will be able to use Highwinds’ technologies and take active part in developing the future service Highwinds System Suite plans to launch. The companies will also be able to avail Highwind’s multi protocol Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming.

About Highwinds Network Group, Inc.

Highwinds network Group Inc is a company offering content delivery, network and IP, presenting a complete range of solutions such as CDN, IP transit, colocation, content storage and IP software. Users all over the world get quality media due to its RollingThunder network. Highwinds’ CDN users have total control over their content because of StrikeTracker console launched in 2008 and open APIs. The company is based in Winter Park Fla and has data centers all over the world.

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