Hazards of Violation of Data Uncovered

Although, considered a boon, internet, at present, is proved to be a bane, as it has become far more public than it needs to be. It has recently been discovered that credit card information is publicly accessible to anybody via internet, exposing customers to deception and organizations to threat, of incurring expensive legal action.

Based on a latest inquiry, made into the system by UKFast- the internet hosting experts, it was discovered that even the most commonly used search engines, such as Google, could easily divulge important information, regarding peoples personal IDs.

As part of numerous databases, discovered by UKFast through the common Google search, its security professionals found 1800 legitimate credit card details, which were proceeded by American Takeaway including name, CSC code and expiry dates. The data available is so precise that it, even, provides information regarding the distance between the card holder’s home and the takeaway.

Lawrence Jones, MD of UKFast commented, “Criminals are not just selling single card details; they are selling whole identities online, it is a big business right now. There are many sites that sell personal information as openly as you would sell a pair of shoes.”

Jones states that organizations are placing, both, themselves and the clients they serve, under threat due to improper protection of information. UKFast security sector supervises safety and routinely conducts infiltration attacks, which trigger attacks from hackers on servers, in order to locate any flaws or limitations searching for prospect of further development. However, numerous organizations are unaware of the aspect that saving credit card information and personal information on a live web server, expose the information to all those who search for it on Google.

He stated, “Businesses are unaware that in risking customer data they may also be breaking the law. Storing confidential information unencrypted, hosting with a foreign provider or hosting with cloud services without knowing where data is stored, or how securely it is stored can all contravene the Data Protection Act.”

Jones made suggestions to online buyers on how to protect themselves. “We need to make it as difficult as possible for fraudsters to find out any extra information about us,” he said.

“Hobbies and relatives’ names act as password clues for many of us, yet, we still have this information all over social network sites. Having high privacy settings controls who has access to this information. Simple things like having stronger passwords and secure WiFi networks can make all of the difference.”

Profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, make personal information, such as date of birth, marital status, mother’s maiden name and workplace, easily available to all who wish to access it. Those who wish to misuse this information can access these websites in order to attain the information and rob people’s identities, which are highly valuable for those in the cybercrime community.

Neil Lathwood, IT director at UKFast explained, “Google is very good at indexing, so any indexable back-up files stored on the server, may not be linked to from the website, but can still be found through Google and anyone, even without advanced technical skills, is able to find it.”

“One of the best ways to test security is to hack your own site and search for confidential data, this highlights areas you can strengthen to protect customer data,” he stated.

“The key is not to have your back up files stored unencrypted and live on the server – this is the most common security failure that I see, and to be honest, it is just lazy. Along with this, companies need to check their servers have the best protection possible.”

To download the Data Security – Protecting Your Profits booklet visit: http://www.ukfast.co.uk/data-security-protecting-your-profits.html

About UKFast

UKFast, currently, Europe’s most highly developing technical organization (based on Deloitte’s ranking) is the central hub of business since the past 10 years of the UK internet industry. Not only did the company win the title by The Sunday Times, being the best organization to work for, but in 2010, it was also awarded the UK IT Awards Employer of the Year.

Moreover, it has been honored with the industry’s Best Customer Service Award in 2009, and acclaimed as the ISPA UK’s Best Hosting Provider for four year in a row. The company’s network comprises nearly 40,000 web domains with approximately 4,000 customers throughout entire industry. UKFast customers include UKTV, Microsoft and Virgin. The company is also a proud member of the Cloud Industry Forum.

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