Hacking is Not Only Concerned with the Money

Since McAfee and SAIC have together issued a statement – asserting to confirm that cybercriminals are currently concentrating on rational property as a way of making profit from businesses – Idappcom states its own surveys verifying that hackers are not concerned with the money any more in any form.

The statement says, Anthony Haywood, Idappcom’s head technology officer, substantiates his inquiry team’s investigation on dangers of IP transfer over the past 24 months, which has proven an obvious change away from direct profits stealing to hybrid or complex risks, where industrial spying and also business blackmail is quite common.

“What we are seeing is something of a seismic shift away from conventional bank phishing for bank and card account credentials, over to a more sophisticated form of theft.”
Furthermore, the CTO of the data traffic analysis and security specialist said, this time compression of the evolution of cybercrime is continuing apace, meaning that next year’s cybercriminals will have almost certainly have developed even more advanced strategies to extract money fraudulently from businesses.

With this scenario, Haywood reasons that today’s IT protection should be improved to defend against an escalating hybridized and multi-vectored collection of safety perils.

“The good news that our colleagues over at McAfee did not expand upon in their report is that these advanced threats do not always require the installation of shiny new IT security systems, meaning that organisations can enhance and augment their existing systems, rather than starting afresh,” he declared.

This approach, he clarified, focuses on Idappcom’s approach of guiding customers that, by recognizing what their current inherited IT protection arrangements do best – and after that get to those sources – the quantity of wealth required for further protection can be drastically lowered.

And, he states, like the report acknowledged a series of variation in thoughts and observations of scholarly property safety in the past two years, accordingly Idappcom has acknowledged a modification of approach to precautions among its extra knowledgeable customers.

“The cloud computing phenomenon – which is actually not that new, as it was around before we set up Idappcom back in 2004 – has driven this change, as companies are now learning what areas of the world that corporate data, in both electronic and physical forms, is more at risk of theft, and adapting their security accordingly,” he declared.

“What this means is that organisations can never assume their data security is a set-it-and-forget-it installation, and that the need to constantly review their security posture – and enhance when necessary – should always be at the forefront of the savvy IT managers’ mind,” he said additionally.

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