Google to Maintain Data Center Leases at 111 8th Ave. Carrier Hotel


According to a blog post released by Grubb & Ellia’ Michael Mandel, Google will maintain the lease of the data center it purchased at the 111 8th Ave. carrier hotel. The only available space present in the building was removed from the market in May fuelling speculations that Google might be planning to use the space for itself. Google has also released a job listing which shows that the organization is hoping to occupy a vacancy in New York known as “Strategic Negotiator, Network.”

Details of the listing state that the Strategic Negotiator should “spearhead the acquisition and allocation of Google’s global networking infrastructure…must interact closely with outside vendors to design, develop, and deliver highly innovative contracts for dark fiber, collocation, peering, voice and data services across the world.”

The duties also consist of creating and performing “on a vision for continuously improving the distinction of 111 8th Avenue as a premier location for telecommunications carriers, data center and collocation facility operators, and their customers.”

According to Mandel, Google has not identified the “extent to which data center tenants will have a place in 111 8th Ave… it certainly appears that these tenants are a part of the vision for the building’s future.” Earlier in January the 2.9 million square foot building was purchased by Google for $1.9 billion.

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