Go Daddy On the Line For $2.5bn

According to reports, Go Daddy, a popular domain name and web hosting service provider is being attained by private companies for around $2.5bn. According to New York Post an association headed by Silver Lake partners and KKR & Co. intend to purchase the company for about $1bn. The price was then raised up to $2bn and $2.5bn by Associated Press. Nevertheless, the news related to the agreement will be publicly pronounced very soon.

Go Daddy, having its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona is without doubt a giant in the web hosting field. Most of the domain names are being bought from this company; moreover it is also a big web hosting service provider and provides SSL certificates. Go Daddy has given around 50,000 SSL certificates and has 50 million impending domain names.

The company is famous for its sassy advertisements, showing hot models wearing rather revealing clothes plus because of the CEO of the company, Bob Parsons whom you get to see regularly on news programs. Go Daddy was reportedly going public, back in 2006 but changed the plan at the last moment owing to the unfavorable market conditions, accounting troubles etc.

There was also news about the company going on public sale for about $1bn however things did not work that way. Go daddy will become an eye-candy in the next few years owing to the reported expansion to the domain name system that has been accepted by the industry overseer ICANN. Now given the status of Go daddy in the market, there will be a tough competition among the latest domain registries.

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