Free Hosting or Paid Hosting Services – What Is Your Choice?

When you decide to launch a website, the first and most critical job is to identify the optimal web hosting service provided by a reliable company. Without an efficient web hosting service, your website may face numerous problems and you would eventually end up losing readers and customers, even before you gain them. When it comes to hosting, there are two major categories; free hosting and paid hosting. The two of them cater to the needs of a variety of websites.

Paid Hosting

Large multinational companies would obviously prefer paid hosting services. Because the website would be truly professional and heavily laden with e-commerce strategies, it has to be hosted on a platform that provides unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Paid web hosting does not only provide a strong hosting platform, it allows the users to control the server and administer various configurations/setup and applications.

Free Hosting

Free hosting is mostly for newbies or for people who just want to run an experimental website, without having to waste any money. Though this is great for startup websites, it isn’t a good solution for professionally running sites, and frankly, no experienced person in the world of website management would opt for free hosting. They are so limited that basic applications such as WordPress, MySQL, PHP etc, cannot be used alongwith the site.


If your business does grow, it becomes impossible to hold it on a free hosting site, as free web hosting services are extremely limited when it comes to storage space and bandwidth speed. It also does not allow you the option of loading multiple pages on the same day. Websites need their own email account, and this critical service is also not provided by a free hosting service.

Control panel features would not be available on free hosting too. If you happen to have a blog/website that is meant for earning profit, then it is strictly not advisable to take on a fee hosting service. One of the most critical aspects is to have a strong domain name if you want to have SEO implementations, gain visitors or want to have a professionally functional site.

If you are a serious professional wanting to have a website running, then you should invest in a proper paid hosting service. However, before you invest in the cash, it would be good if you simply use a free hosting service for trial purposes and later shift to a paid hosting service.

With paid hosting, you can get free email accounts, discounts on subscription, excellent customer services, and many other important tools and applications for successfully running the website. In order to avail a good web hosting offer, simply log on to a reputed web hosting company and apply for domain and hosting. You should review and compare various hosting companies to select the best.


Now, it’s up to you, what you think could suit your website plans and ideas. In summary, free hosting is meant for novices and paid hosting is the way to go for serious people and businesses.

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