FastHost Finally Begins Revealing Names of Great Exhibition Contest Winners

The UK based web hosting provider, Fasthosts, has started naming the victors of best British business projects, initiated in concurrence with The Great Exhibition 2012.

The purpose behind The Great Exhibition is to provide a platform to display all the “great” things, Britain has to offer. According to the company, this contest will assist in providing “unique and brilliant” businesses, based in the United Kingdom, with an opportunity to take the lead, by gaining access to the internet. This will be possible by offering them web hosting services, along with search engine optimization, software and a computer.

Until the Great Exhibition initiates in 2012, scheduled for the month of August, Fasthosts has claimed that each month, a winner would be awarded with a Dell laptop, along with a domain name, three years of the company’s Business Premium hosting program (with site development and promotion tools) and Microsoft Exchange hosting.

“We have been hugely impressed with the many submissions we have received,” stated Steve Holford, director at Fasthosts, in a press release. “We know how hard it is for a new business to get up and running, and secure an internet presence; we really wanted to become involved so that we can take away some of the pain associated with launching a new venture. Many companies have a really good business idea but lack the funding to get started – our competition goes a long way towards removing some of these barriers. We would like to congratulate the first of our winners and look forward to announcing further winners in due course.”

Holding competitions is a common tactic, adopted by web hosting providers, in order to advertise their business. If these contests are followed by a viable purpose, it makes them all the more successful; even if, the reason is as simple as developing a brighter future for UK companies.

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