Facts About Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is creating unique opportunities for online business owners by giving them the opportunity to start their own web hosting company with a minimal investment. Internet entrepreneurs are being born every day. In fact, the internet is being touted as the only way to thrive in the current global economic recession.

If you are interested in profiting from the web hosting industry, reseller web hosting offers the perfect opportunity to do so by providing all of the tools and resources necessary to build your own web hosting business from scratch. If you are interested in the idea of reselling hosting resources for a profit then you may want to consider the information outlined within this article.

How Do You Become a Hosting Reseller?

Reseller hosting operates on the simple concept of wholesale/retail investing. Web hosting providers offer reseller web hosting to provide server resources at wholesale price. As the reseller you can then resell these services for a hefty profit. You can even create custom web hosting plans to entice prospective clients by packaging the server resources in attractive hosting plans. As a reseller you have complete control over your web server, which means you can delegate plans and pricing as you see fit, regardless of the terms and conditions of the individual hosting company. In fact, most reseller hosting providers will  automatically include all of the tools and resources needed to create your own hosting plans, as well as your own web hosting site that you can use to advertise your web hosting business.

How Do You Make a Profit From Reseller Hosting?

The process of profiting from reseller hosting is rather simple. Once you have purchased the plan and you have access to the server resources you can then begin creating hosting plans. The key is to sell the server resources for a competitive price while also creating a substantial mark up.

As an example, if you are given 1000 GB bandwidth and 120 GB of disk space you could easily keep 20 GB of disk space for your own hosting needs, and then create 10 hosting accounts that contain 100 GB of bandwidth and 10 GB of disk space each. If you are paying $49.95 per month for such a plan, and you sell the hosting plans for $10 per month each, you would be making a profit of $50 per month, and you would also have access to 20 free GB of disk space for your own use. With such benefits it is easy to see why reseller hosting is becoming so popular.

The Distinct Advantages of Becoming a Hosting Reseller

Aside from the aforementioned advantages there are many benefits to becoming a hosting reseller. The first benefit is the cost at which you are able to secure and sell hosting for. As a reseller you have complete control over the server resources you’re given. You have access to administrative tools that make it easy to create custom plans with unique names and server setups. You can decide to use these server resources and tools for yourself, or you can sell some of them to receive free web hosting or a profit each month.

Surprisingly, some web hosting companies started as small hosting resellers, and after a few years of building a client base, gradually made enough money to invest in a private data center for their customers. As a hosting reseller you have the unique opportunity to build a professional web hosting company from the ground up with as little as $20 per month.

How to Make Your Hosting Company Grow

The key to being successful as a web hosting company is branding and plan packaging. You have to set yourself apart from the other web hosting providers by offering unique plans. Every advertising and marketing campaign needs to be unique in order to catch the attention of a market that is being inundated with advertising on a daily basis. It is extremely important to make sure your hosting company does not look like a reseller hosting business.

You want to appear as if you are a professional hosting company, because most online business owners do not want to deal with middlemen. Fortunately, most reseller hosting providers give you all of the tools needed to create custom control panels and web sites that add authenticity and professionalism to your web hosting business. As your hosting business gradually expands you’ll be able to receive cheaper prices on server resources, which will give you the opportunity to make even more profit.

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