Equinix and Carpathia Hosting Form Strategic Alliance

Equinix, an international data center service company, and Carpathia Hosting, a service company for unique managed hosting for government agencies and businesses, recently announced that they are going to form a strategic alliance. This would make them cooperatively sell and advertise to government groups and financial and healthcare facilities that have heavy needs for security and protection of data.

The service offerings of Equinix and Carpathia will make sure that these organizations get to have facilities like colocation, managed hosting and cloud computing in a secure and reliable environment that is being strictly controlled for privacy. The loss of data and breach of privacy are factors that would never be compromised upon.

This strategic alliance is bound to bring together the best capabilities of both companies. Equinix provides colocation services to international customers and through platform Equinix customers will be enabled to control remarkable infrastructure facilities and networks to make their business grow efficiently. Carpathia provides scalable and reliable Enterprise-class, regulatory hosting services that can be customized for requirements like FISMA, DIACAP, HIPAA and PCI. In this way integrated sales and provision to end-users will take place in an efficient, protected, complaint data service centers.

Equinix and Carpathia have been in the business for 7 years with success in meeting compliant hosting and colocation specifications for 200 shared customers. Exostar, a collaborator and business integration solution provider for aerospace and defense sector, is one of the joint customers which opted for this strategic alliance. The reason was that Exostar wanted to cater to the requirements of its customer’s strict privacy, security and following of industry standards. Other shared customers include civil firms like Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department Of Health & Human Services along with the government’s U.S. Department Of Defense (Marines and U.S. Army).

“Data integrity and security are driving increasingly complex requirements for our enterprise and federal customers. A world-class data center footprint is the foundation for delivering best-of-breed colocation, managed hosting, and cloud solutions that meet those requirements,” said Peter Weber, CEO of Carpathia Hosting. “We’re bringing to market a formidable combination of services on Platform Equinix that cannot be found through any single company or offering today.”

“Enterprise and federal agencies face significant challenges when operating complex IT infrastructure deployments. The joint solution we offer will allow customers to fulfill their performance and compliance requirements, without concerns about security in the cloud or in the data center itself,” said Jarrett Appleby, Chief Marketing Officer of Equinix. “With Carpathia’s premier managed hosting services and the global reach of Platform Equinix, these customers are now able to efficiently meet growing market demand.”

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