enStratus Introducing Supportability for Amazon-RDS

The support for latest Amazon RDS has been incorporated in Oracle Database by enStratus. With this addition, the customers can now use Oracle RDS in enStratus while managing the infrastructure from private, public and AWS clouds.

There are multiple licensing options or a “bring your own license” option for the customers. Upon selection of a particular option, the enStratus allows AWS for providing the Oracle instance and the same is reflected in their console. Customers can utilize all Oracle tools as well as can access network from enStratus.

Customers shall have more powerful means by integrating Oracle RDS instance with enStratus. Configurations, in enStratus managed applications, can result in pointing to a data source in an instance of Oracle RDS. These configurations, along with network communication protocols, are carried out by enStratus in an automated mode.

The enStratus is supporting this latest service with immediate effect and can be contacted at Tel No. +1-612-746-3091 (www.enstratus.com).

Description of enStratus –

enStratus™ is a state of the art solution that manages cloud infrastructure for commissioning enterprise-grade applications in hybrid, private and public clouds. The solution consists of a multi-cloud infrastructure that can provide cloud independence, reliability and security.

With security architecture (patent-pending) and a capable management console, the enStratus is offering management of cloud across all established private and public clouds including CloudSigma, ReliaCloud GoGrid, Amazon Web Services, Cloud.com, Eucalyptus, VMware, OpenStack, Rackspace, AT&T Synaptic Storage ServerExpress, EMC Atmos, Terremark, Windows Azure and Google Storage.

The enStratus, located in Minneapolis, is serving hundreds of global organizations including SAIC, Cloud-Security Alliance, Quantum Retail, Predictix and largest Korean telecom operator KT.

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