enStratus Declares Support for Amazon VPC

It was declared recently, by enStratus, that it will initiate its support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with wide-ranging accessibility, in several Availability Zones, within the entire AWS Regions: Singapore, Europe, Tokyo, U.S. East and U.S West.

Via enStratus device, clients can now develop VPC instances, maintain VPC subnets and release VMs into particular subnets. Additionally, clients will have the ability to organize enStratus deployments to set up release configurations into the VPC subnet. enStratus network and subnet support service is, further, expanded to Cloud.com networks, vCloud Director networks and Nimbula vEthernets.

Utilizing Amazon VPC, along with enStratus, clients specify a personal division of the AWS cloud, where they will have the ability to develop and command a virtual network, involving a choice between wide-ranging IP addresses, configuration of network gateways and route tables and creation of subnets. Clients can link Amazon VPC straight to the Internet, along with expanding their business data centers, to the cloud, via encrypted VPN connections.

For further information, call +1-612-746-3091 or visit: http://www.enstratus.com.

About enStratus Networks

A cloud infrastructure management solution, enStratus™, organizes and maintains business-class applications in public, private and hybrid clouds. The company offers a multi-cloud structure, ensuring safety, dependability and cloud sovereignty.

It distributes authority for the cloud, via a copyright-pending security structure, along with strong maintenance devices, available at all leading private and public clouds, entailing AT&T Synaptic Storage, ReliaCloud, Google Storage, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Terremark, Google Storage, CloudSigma, VMware, EMC Atmos, ServerExpress, GoGrid, OpenStack, Nimbula, Cloud.com, Rackspace, and Eucalyptus.

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