E-Commerce Companies to use Webinar’s Help to Fight Hackers

A live ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) Self Defense’ online seminar, also known as webinar will be hosted by managed hosting and cloud provider INetU with author and online data security expert Dr. Anton Chuvakin and Nick Percoco belonging to Trustwave SpiderLabs on Tuesday May 3rd at 3pm EDT. Discussions held during the webinar will be about protection against hackers. The webinar is open to public as well.

“Thousands of organizations worldwide are affected by data breaches and PCI DSS is one of the most important mandates affecting information security today,” said Dr. Anton Chuvakin. “Webinar attendees will learn how to comply with PCI DSS and improve the security of information assets.”

Hackers can cost companies millions of dollars by stealing confidential data. As much as $60 million can be lost in fines or other charges just because of hacked credit cards. Dr Chuvakin and Percoco will impart information on how companies can protect their data from hackers and maintain a PCI DSS complaint web environment.

Brief Information about speakers in the PCI DSS webinar:

Dr. Anton Chuvakin

Author and Online Data Security expert

A well-known safety expert in SIEM, PCI DSS compliance as well as log controlling, Dr. Chuvakin is an author of numerous books like Security Warrior and PCI Compliance. He teaches classes and conducts security conferences all over the world. Dr. Chuvakin has worked as a Director of PCI Compliance Solutions for an organization named Qualys. He was also hired by LogLogic as a Chief Logging Evangelist. Dr. Chuvakin also owns a blog Security Warrior which is widely popular throughout the United States.

Nick Percoco

Senior Vice President and Head of SpiderLabs at Trustwave

Lead security advisor to numerous Trustwave clientsm Percoco has 14 years of experience in security. He leads the team of SpiderLabs that has executed over 1,000 computer instance responses and completed forensic research globally, operated numerous permeation and application security experiments for customers, and piloted security research to improve Trustwave’s products.

The PCI DSS Self Defense Webinar to provide public with information on technology security and compliance in the hosting industry is the principal online attempt in the INetU IT Expert Series. The next webinar will take place on June 29th 2011. The location will be Penn State Great Valley. This event will focus issues like Cloud Computing Security, PCI DSS 2.0 Compliance and Application Security. The event will include the speeches of a panel of recognized industry experts.

About INetU Managed Hosting

A leader in managed hosting industry, INeTU is catering to customers on a global scale. Its main goal is to build a long term affiliation with its client. As a result, INetU backs many famous web applications and also provides very dependable hosting for business websites primarily operating in Online Retail, Financial Services, Web Development, Government, Non-Profit and many other similar sectors. Recently INeTU received a 96.5 % customer rating. It is also acquiescent with PCI, SSAE 16 Type II, ISAE 3402 and Safe Harbor.

If you want to sign up for the webinar go to http://webinars.inetu.net.


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