Dublin Site Attained by Amazon for Cloud Data Center

An old supermarket warehouse located at the Greenhills Industrial Estate near Dublin is recently attained by Amazon. According to a report by Data Center Knowledge, this is done to transform the warehouse into a data center to cope up with the requirements of its rising cloud computing services.

Also Amazon had lately attained a 240,000 square foot building which was previously used as a storage house for Tesco, a UK supermarket chain.

Two land spaces in the Snughbourough Industrial Estate in Ballycoolin and Clonshaugh Industrial Estate located in the Dublin area have been hired by Amazon for the purpose of data center growth. In December 2008, Amazon Web Services started a service in Dublin to cater to the cloud computing needs of European availability zones.

The European websites of Amazon including Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.it and Amazon.at had experienced half an hour interruption in December due to performance concerns.

Ireland has seen tremendous growth in the number of public-facing web servers in Netcraft’s hosting provider server numbers, which can be credited frequently to the huge development at Amazon’s EC2 service.

Colin Phipps of Netcraft, says “Amazon’s cloud hosting now makes up more than a third of all internet-facing web servers in Ireland, with three times more web servers hosted than the next largest hosting location.”

The recent procurement by Amazon has been pointed out in the Data Center Knowledge report by Rich Miller who says that the purchase has shown to be portion of a wider struggle to conquer big property to convert into data center space for Amazon Web Services.

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