Dropbox Hosting by NetHosting is One of its Kind

NetHosting recently released a case study on the past, present and future of the Dropbox hosting platform. NetHosting is the exceptional provider of the Cloud Dedicated Server, VPS server and Virtual Hosting Solutions for the past 17 years.

Dropbox is a service available in both free and payable modes that helps the users to store their files in a folder that can be viewed from anywhere round the globe with the help of an internet connection. NetHosting’s Dropbox’s history stretches back to 2007 when this kind of service was first found in the dorms of MIT and now the number of active users has reached to more than 4million.

The CEO at NetHosting, Lane Livingston says that “NetHosting’s range of hosting options is more than equipped to handle any size of application or website”. He further adds that “We’ve done case studies of today’s most popular online destinations to show our customers what they can accomplish with what hosting platform”.

NetHosting has given its customers a glimpse of what the server requirements of the most visited websites including Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube are by exploring their hosting platforms.

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