DreamHost and WebAssist Partner to Start CafeCommerce: A SaaS Ecommerce Solution

WebAssist, a top ecommerce solution firm, partnered with a top hosting firm, DreamHost to launch the new ecommerce, software-as-a-solution known as CafeCommerce. CafeCommerce is useful in enabling enterprises to build online store via sophisticated and simple web interface. CafeCommerce also allows businesses to leave everything including the maintenance of hosting and technology arrangement to the software such that business owners can focus on business growth.

The Co-founder and President of WebAssist, Hieu Bui commented, “We’re pleased to have worked closely with DreamHost to bring CafeCommerce to market. Our 10+ years of ecommerce experience combined with their 10+ years of web hosting experience will ensure that CafeCommerce customers get best-of-breed features and service. We look forward to continuing to innovate with DreamHost as we bring customers on to the platform.”

CafeCommerce enables enterprises to sell numerous physical products, digital products and services. The bandwidth, storage space and transactions are unrestricted, thus, CafeCommerce does not charge the enterprises with any additional costs. CafeCommerce also offers latest features to assist enterprises in customizing the design of their ecommerce store and control content and increase sales via different marketing tools. CafeCommerce also combined some popular payment tools and shipping firms allowing businesses to receive payments and satisfy orders.

DreamHost Co-founder and CTO Dallas Kashuba commented, “Our customers are definitely interested in ecommerce and through our partnership with WebAssist, we now have a great solution that we can offer. While CafeCommerce is a new solution, it was built using tried and tested technology that both companies have developed over the years. CafeCommerce customers can be assured that they will have secure and reliable hosting so that their storefronts are always available and making them money.”

CafeCommerce provides a single pricing option: $30 per month for everything along with a complete DreamHost web hosting account. Such a plan is parallel to other similar offerings priced around $600 per month. It requires no setup fees, transaction fees or any long term contracts or deals to be signed and has a free 14 day trial period (without any credit card requirement). CafeCommerce is available to use and allows everyone to sign up.

About WebAssist

WebAssist is among the top ecommerce solution providers and has more than ten years of experience in assisting enterprises create transactions online. WebAssist has a flourishing community comprising of more than 300,000 web designers and enterprises that create and manage ecommerce websites. WebAssist also has good relationships with known companies such as Adobe, Microsoft and PayPal.

About DreamHost

DreamHost provides Shared Server, Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server Hosting as well as Domain Name Registration to worldwide customers. DreamHost also takes pride in being environment friendly. It is a member of the Green Power Partnership Program of the Environmental Protection Agency. Visit www.dreamhost,com for further queries.

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