Dell Unveils OpenStack Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Solution

In a statement, released by IT company, Dell (, it was said that a lately developed cloud solution, Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution, has been unveiled, based upon the OpenStack platform. This new service follows the announcement by Dell as well as the Equinix and Rackspace Hosting, nearly four months ago, which revealed that the companies were working on the OpenStack cloud demonstration and test environment.

With this new service, clients can incorporate the cloud-optimized Dell PowerEdge C servers, the OpenStack cloud operating system, the Dell-developed “Crowbar” OpenStack installer, and services from Dell and Rackspace Cloud Builders. The solution has been developed to aid clients in combining, operating and controlling their IT resources in an OpenStack environment effortlessly.

Experimented, legalized and backed by Dell, the design is built upon Dell PowerEdge C Series servers. The services combine Dell’s Crowbar software infrastructure that controls the OpenStack deployment from the main server boot, till the configuration of the basic OpenStack mechanisms. Therefore, the clients can finish the raw metal operation of multi-node OpenStack clouds in just a few hours, as compared to former days.

As soon as the operation ends, Crowbar can be utilized to retain, grow and design the entire solution as well as the network discovery, the BIOS configuration, performance data gathering, status monitoring and alerting. An open source code has also been launched by Dell for Crowbar allowing customers to increase the workings to come up to the particular requirements of the system. Being associated with OpenStack, ever since it was founded, Dell has operated with many OpenStack partners like Rackspace, Citrix, Opscode, Canonical, and Intel. Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution makes use of the existing OpenStack release, Cactus.

Backing the leading public cloud application programming interfaces from Amazon and Rackspace, including a comprehensive support for all the main virtualization technologies from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware and OpenStack; and the Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution offer “all the components necessary to deliver a comprehensive cloud offering,” the press release stated.

“Dell is an active participant in the OpenStack community because it brings our customers open APIs, capable practices for cloud operations, and affordable infrastructure,” said Mark Linebaugh, Vice President of next generation computing solutions at Dell. “Utilizing and integrating the efficiencies of the PowerEdge C line with optimized software, and tailored services, the Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution enables users to go from unboxing servers to running a usable OpenStack cloud in mere hours. The ability to quickly develop, deploy, and deliver open source cloud services can translate not only to lower costs, but also the flexibility to rapidly add new features and meet customer needs on demand.”

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  1. Dell is a Big Company. Actually we do not found the professional products of dell in Bangladesh. But really happy to know about their Open Stack Solution.

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