Dell Introduces Cloud Computing in Shangai

Dell's Lee Morgan and Alex Yung, and others at the launch of the company's new cloud data center

In accordance to news earlier during the year, which announced that the technology giant, Dell ( was planning on initiating cloud hosting services, a blog post declared on Wednesday that a new data center was being opened in Shangai by the company which would support cloud computing.

Being the only Dell data center of its kind in Japan and Asia-Pacific, it will provide customers with public and private cloud services, along with storage services and off-premise applications.

Dell’s cloud webhosting data center will also use its technology to carry out research and improve its services related to cloud computing.

The company exposed its campaign in April, declaring that over the next three years, Dell will invest $1 billion in order to gain access to, “solutions, services and cloud-based delivery options” to commence and market cloud services to its customers.

During the time, Dell had stated that a portion of its finances would be extended to fund numerous data centers around the globe, including tools to innovate virtual and cloud technologies.

Dell has already commenced its cloud technology in data centers in Ireland, and has prepared to introduce twelve more cloud data centers within the current year in other areas as well, such as Paris, New York, Sydney, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

New data centers have also newly been opened in Chicago, Austin, Frankfurt, Washington D.C., and Singapore. Since the time Dell publicly announced its expansion into cloud computing, it has rapidly been developing its cloud software and hardware systems.

Dell already has eleven companies under its ownership within the last two years, and claims that it is seeking to acquire even more in order to expand its portfolio

The company has already attained a market in China, since ten years, selling servers but presently Dell is attempting to build up its business in the rapidly expanding Chinese IT market.

Although Dell has announced that it looks to appoint new employee in its latest cloud data centers, it has not yet revealed an exact number.

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  1. So, all the Dell PCs & laptop customers can avail this service for free or there is any subscription fee?

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