DediHost Offers Hosting to ForSkills

DediPower (, a UK-based web hosting company declared on Tuesday to offer hosting services to ForSkills (, an e-learning service firm. ForSkills provides internet based learning materials to educational institutions and private companies in an effort to develop online learning.

This plan was announced after a few months of announcing hosting for The Brit Awards 2011 with Master Card.

ForSkills focuses on designing and offering evaluation, observing and control software and applications. It partners with different educational institutes and employee-focused companies such as BT, NHS, KPMG and the Football League.

DediPower is offering ForSkills with strong servers, manageable systems architecture and dedicated control and support required to offer round the clock distribution of the all-time available learning materials.

The use of e-learning at educational facilities has increased the demand for ForSkills products such as Entry Level 1 – Level 3 online evaluation and skills suite which is used for core courses such as English, Math and ICT.

Due to the increasing demand, ForSkills website faces large traffic hikes usually at the start of every academic year.

Chris Miller, CEO DediPower commented, “E-learning is now a prerequisite for modern teaching environments, as well as improving provision and to help public funding go further, ForSkills also enables private organizations to manage and distribute skills information and resources more efficiently. We are delighted that DediPower’s ‘passion for support’ is actively helping ForSkills to deliver education to anyone, anywhere, at any time – making access to skills development available to a wider cross section of the population.”



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