Dedicated Server vs. Virtual Private Server

When you have to decide on using either dedicated server or VPS hosting it can come out to be a tough decision. This is particularly troublesome for businesses that have used shared servers for quite some time and want to expand their internet presence in an affordable manner. Actually, VPS is growingly becoming popular for small-scale enterprises or even individuals who are not interested in purchasing more facilities than they require. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, are designed to manage hundreds of thousands of database requirements every day. The positive attribute of dedicated servers is that they handle software and applications of the customers.

You can have both dedicated and virtual servers in managed or unmanaged format, with full or partial support. You can also get your hands on cheaper dedicated boxes that don’t take up as much high power as that of VPS servers. Hence it is easy to analyze the attributes of each server in isolation.

Site Administration Counts

The services and advantages of dedicated and VPS hosting are pretty much the same so other considerations need to be taken into account. It is a general viewpoint that the ever-ready enterprise and technical support of a well-managed VPS offers a high quality of service and is more reliable because, in the other case, more customers per machine lead to more customer dissatisfaction. VPS provides readily available solution for hardware glitches and also gives customers a virtual console for efficient self-help at their own site.

Dedicated Servers

When privacy is major concern for enterprise customers, the dedicated servers give the surety of having only those files that are created by the virtual space user. Full server control and no sharing of space is part of the deal which includes over 100 GB of RAM in secure environment 24/7 availability. The processing power and available memory may be more defined than extendable, but big applications and an array of tasks can be managed easily.

In order to create uniformity of business rules across multiple sites, customers can easily configure multiple domains from one location. These sites can then be run in a cost-effective manner with simplified administration and support. Scalability is achievable and more space can be sub-leased by businesses to cover the expenses of paying for this large-capacity server.  Some IT Professionals term dedicated servers as being more stable in functioning, IO throughput, and CPU functionality.

VPS Hosting

This type of hosting service makes available a memory of 50-100GB with moderate bandwidth. Customers are allowed main access to create and extend websites, blogs, mail servers, security-based proxy server, and data storage while integrating several web applications in an on-going manner. More protection comes from firewall security and excess storage space.

Another prominent benefit of VPS hosting is the ‘burstable’ feature that gives way to extra CPU time when a site needs it. Some providers keep shifting their VP from one system to the other to prevent overcrowding.  You will notice that a high-quality VPS gives the same services of a slow-end dedicated server. The final choice remains the cost, service and ease of use.

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