Colocation Web Hosting Defined

Colocation web hosting is a web hosting service as well as a web server storage service.  A colocation hosting facility is used to store dedicated servers in a more safe and secure environment. Before considering the use of a colocation hosting service you should first be able to comprehend the purpose of colocation hosting. The following information may help you understand the basics of a colocation web hosting.

Colocation Hosting- How it Works

Colocation hosting facilities actually lease you space in their pristine storage facilities.  Standard hosting accounts only lease you a server to use. If you own your own server then you will not need a server but you will need a place to keep your server. A colocation facility enables you to use their data storage center to connect to the internet by way of their ultra efficient,  high speed connection.

What is the Cost of Colocation Hosting?

The average cost of colocation hosting is approximately $300.00 a month. The exact price is impossible to estimate because you are only charged for variables such as bandwidth you utilize. You will not be charged for disk space or any other aspects that are normally associated with a standard web hosting service.  If you own a dedicated server then there would be no reason for you to pay for such items. What you do pay for in a colocation facility is the security of their facility and the bandwidth.

One important point to remember when estimating the cost of using a colocation hosting facility would be the cost you are already incurring for your dedicated server.  You must also incorporate an emergency fund into your budget should there ever be damages or maintenance issues. Of course, if the damage is caused by something faulty in the colocation facility then they would ultimately be responsible for the money involved in paying for the repairs.

The Inside of a Colocation Facility.

If you have ever been inside a science lab then you will be able to appreciate what a colocation hosting facility is like on the inside. The environment is monitored and kept in absolute perfect condition at all times.  The temperature is always exactly right with no fluctuation.  There are several regulation systems in place to be sure that all the servers are kept cool and clean without fail.  The floors are even equipped with cooling systems to allow a constant flow of cool air to move upward around the server rooms.  The cooling systems have state-of-the-art filtering systems that keep even the tiniest dust particles from entering the servers.

No one is allowed to enter the facility unless they are geared up from head to toe in protective clothing designed to keep the pristine conditions of the facility intact. The walls have a special coating that repels dirt or debris, to guard against build up.  There are high tech fire extinguishing systems in every single server room and the facility always has live security guards on duty to monitor compound 24 hours a day.

What Type of Support is Offered At Colocation Facilities

While colocation facilities do have excellent customer service, there is no standard free technical support included.  Many times there are support packages that can be purchased at an extra cost but that support is usually only for IT assistance. Since not all tasks can be performed remotely, IT assistance is sometimes necessary. Make sure you check with the  colocation facilities you are interested in and ask them about their different support options.

Who Is Best Suited For Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting is not necessary for everyone.  Colocation hosting is really designed for people who have multiple dedicated servers that they need a place for. It is an excellent choice for very large companies that have many different businesses and dedicated servers. If you only have one website or do not own your own dedicated server then it would be silly to even consider this type of hosting.  It is also not recommended for people who are using the web for personal blogging or web forums.

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