Colocation Firm Data Foundry Uses Two Feeds To Fuel Texas 1 Data Center

Data Foundry, a colocation firm released a statement on Tuesday, claiming that its Texas 1 data center that will be functional in June now is fuelled by double feeds from two different substations in Texas. The data center, which is around 250,000 square foot, happens to be the first of its kind center in the firm’s 40 acre Data Ranch campus in Austin.

The press release highlighted the details of the double feeds from Austin Energy saying that one of the feed was underground “only seen in premium data center facilities”.

“The Texas 1 data center will accommodate a wide variety of configurations to meet the demand we are seeing from companies across the nation,” Edward Henigin, chief technology officer of Data Foundry said in a statement. “The power feeds come into Texas 1 at two different locations on the property and as such, we are able to balance customer power loads between the two feeds. Our innovative power design ensures uninterrupted service for our customers, even in the unlikely event of a substation failure.”

According to Data Foundry, the Data Ranch will produce more than 100 megawatts of power and fuel other departments.

“Austin Energy has the technical experience and a proven track record of meeting the needs of large or sensitive power users. This dynamic is a critical component of our economic development support to our community,” Cheryl Mele, Austin Energy deputy general manager stated. “The Texas 1 project was substantial in size and complexity, and was completed on time, paving the way for the full development of this data center project.”

The Data Ranch Construction Blog released a statement claiming that the external portion of Texas 1 is ready. “The parking lot has been paved, trees have been planted and the exterior perimeter fence is going up,” according to the blog post.

The services provided by Texas 1 will include dedicated private data suites, secure data cages and cabinets and a range of disaster recovery solution.

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