CloudFlare Apps are now in Safe Hands of GlobalSign HackAlert

Apps in the CloudFlare Apps marketplace

GlobalSign, the trusted provider of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) throughout the globe has entered into a partnership agreement with CloudFlare, security provider to websites and online networks. Global Sign has decided to introduce Global HackAlert malware detection service through CloudFlare Apps.

HackAlert will act as firewall for the CloudFlare customers’ database. HackAlert will identify drive-by downloads and provide alarms for zero-day malware threats in websites.

The malware detection service will be offered as a cloud based web service by HackAlert that will alert the users of any harmful codes detected on their websites.

HackAlert is believed to have an updated malware detection system with latest malware distribution techniques that help HackAlert screen the content of each website, says a press release.

According to the Matthew Prince, CEO and co-founder of CloudFlare, “CloudFlare is committed to web security”. He further added, “That’s why we are pleased to add GlobalSign’s HackAlert service to our new Apps marketplace, specifically for websites owners who will benefit from early compromise warnings to ensure their valuable websites are not blacklisted by search engines like Google.”

Prince exchanged his views earlier this month regarding CloudFlare’s security, its web optimization services and most importantly about the commonly known hacker group, LulzSec.

Chief marketing officer at GlobalSign, Mr. Steve Waite stated that “GlobalSign anticipates the introduction of HackAlert Malware monitoring technology to CloudFlare’s customer base will help raise awareness of zero-day threats as well as response to the increasing demand for web based protection services”. He further added that “We are dedicated to helping organizations implement malware detection to protect their customers, their search engine traffic, and their corporate brand.”

A press release is reported to have said that HackAlert is initially charging $49 per year. This will include daily screening and analysing of no more than 100 pages and will also include notifications for any harmful code received through emails that will require a quick action.

The apps marketplace by CloudFlare was launched at the same TechCrunch Disrupt conference this year where CloudFlare, the company itself was launched last year.

CloudFlare has recently expanded its operations and has opened 12 data centres in different parts of the US, Europe and Asia. According to a press release, specific locations where these data centers are located are LA, Dallas, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Singapore. CloudFlare’s existing data centers including San Jose, Chicago, Ashburn, Amsterdam and Tokyo have also been upgraded with new hardware solutions.

CloudFlare is expected to attend HostingCon 2011 scheduled to be held in August. CloudFlare plans to discuss the benefits hosting providers can reap by providing outsourcing services.

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