Bitrix Site Manager Looks After Peak Traffic And Prevents Ddos Attacks

Bitrix, Inc., an innovative technology producer for business communications, has come up with its Traffic Juggler load balancing technology, which caters to the need of customers for continuation of business online. The technology is able to deliver leading performance against industry standards by handling traffic spikes at peak times as well as those caused by targeted DDoS attacks.

“Sudden traffic spikes and web terrorism are common realities that threaten online business continuity. To cope with this challenge, we continuously improve our products’ performance capabilities, resulting in a stunning figure of 430% growth over the past three years,” said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, Inc.

An independent trail run was given to measure the performance of Bitrix Site Manager and the test revealed that it could manage as high as 85 million requests per day from websites based on medium-level hardware. The response time and fault-tolerance was also maintained acceptably by the Site Manager. This high level performance is an indication of Bitrix deploying of a unique amalgam of HTML caching, database interaction and data compression ability. All this is integrated with a performance monitor for real-time statistics and improvement measures. With the help of Traffic Juggler, Bitrix Site Manager is able to solve traffic bottlenecks effectively without any indication of speed regression, thus enabling continuity of customer’s online business and visitor’s experience.

Customers are going to be very satisfied when they will be able to cut cost for renting high-class hardware while also hiring expert staff to fine tune website performance as all of it can now be managed by a non-technical user at home.

An example of Bitrix Site Manager’s ultimate performance was the consistent operation of Svyaznoj online shop which is a leading Russian retailer with 1,900 shops operating across the country. When the peak shopping season was ON in shops and websites in December 2010, around 200,000 online visitors per day were processed daily for their performance of online transactions.

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