Basic Information about Web Hosting for Beginners

If you wish to start a business on the internet or use this global world to gain information, use directories to spread word about your website. If you simply want to share knowledge and mutual interests with other people then you need to make a definite space for you in the cyber world.

Web hosting makes this task easier for newbies to own their land in virtual space. You can easily publish documents, news, stories, download material, resources etc. on your website and use your mail server to receive email for the sake of running your own business. You must have an internet facility and a network connection to work out this dream in magical way.

No doubt it is costly to have your own dedicated server running your website while you wait to get traffic in the first place. Even the efficient management of your websites, potential customers, viewership, online transaction require knowledge, skills and patience.  You really need to make internet your business first to make sure you can run yours on it.

Web hosting companies were brought into existence to cater to the ‘space’ needs of people in cyber world. This ‘space’ was supposed to be an environment where people can have access to the internet 24/7 without a high cost. A model was then developed by web hosting companies known as ‘shared web hosting’ where the same server has partitions that serve many clients at once. The scalability of this option tends to cut cost for the hosting company and the clients too.

You need to sign up for this shared space after which you will be given an access code to log in to this opportune environment. The access code allows you to get on your website and receive data information about viewership and customer transactions on the net. You will also get mail boxes for to and fro communication. Your specific hosting area is marked by the disk space and network transfer you get. Both of them are measured in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). For disk space this amount means how many documents you can have on your website. Network transfer means how much of data can be transferred to people who visit our website. If you use more disk space and bandwidth (network transfer) you will be charged more.

Additionally you get a series of features and options to support your website presentation. Databases, components, script processing, 24/7 support and connection security, all combine to make it a worthwhile service if you are willing to pay more.

The main components of a web-hosting environment are as follows:

Web Server

This software accepts HTTP requests and presents HTML pages and Images.

FTP Server

Webmaster transfers files for the server through FTP. Transferring files requires you to upload them through FTP to the web server.
Mail Server

The mail server is composed of POP (Post Office protocol) which receives mail and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which transfers mail server emails.

Database Server

Database server allows your website to be hosted in a dynamic fashion so that viewers can search and view it differently. Database server is also a collector of user data.

The above are all components of software programs that run on web hosting servers.

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