Automatic Backup And Purchase Recommender System By Novosoft

The global manufacturer of software for home and business users, Novosoft, has declared to issue a fresh version of Handy Backup. Handy Backup is used to automatically backup music, videos, pictures and documents and has a purchase recommender system that caters to the personal backup needs of users.

The Head of Novosoft Development Department, Alexander Prichalov commented, “I believe this to be a global trend for the technology of the present day: the things you use are more and more interested in knowing what your personal way to use them is. Facebook refers to your ‘likes’ and gender/age/else to show you the most interesting ads, Google considers your location and web history to show you the most relevant web search results, and Handy Backup now remembers what you might have found useful while you were using the software to help you choose the most suitable product. The perfect fit to our ongoing strategy towards simplicity and comfort of using Handy Backup.”

The latest version of Handy Backup allows users to customize the automatic backup as the software automatically locates music, videos, files, pictures and documents making the backup simple and time-effective. Also, the software has the ability to locate the folder and copy files even if the location of the folder has been altered.

The latest version of Handy Backup comes with a recommender system which assesses the program functionality such as plug-ins and online backup accounts that were used. When the user buys the product after using the trial version, the recommender system provides a plan which is optimum keeping in mind the prior user preferences. It also saves the time of the user by eliminating the need of detailed study and comparison between unique versions of Handy Backup.

The latest version comes with the most beneficial tools of the previous versions like Windows 7 compatibility, smart integration with online backup services and data disaster recovery that allows recovering data after a disaster by making bootable recovery drives.

Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a product line which offers data backup and recovery software for computers (Handy Backup Standard, Professional and Full), servers (Handy Backup Server) and Android mobile software (Handy Backup for Android). The software costs $0 for Handy Backup for Android to $599 for Handy Backup Server. Visit for more information.


Novosoft LLC was founded in 1992 and its experience in the field of software development and IT consultancy exceeds 18 years. The competence of the organization’s experts and their focus towards innovation and creativity has made it a trend setter and has resulted in customer satisfaction for the organization. Visit for detailed information.

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