All About The Hosting Reseller Business

A hosting reseller is the current trend in web hosting business. The hosting reseller acts as a third party member who is an intermediary between the client and the hosting company. A host reseller may act out the following roles:

1). Agent

The agent provides web space for clients and receives a commission from the company that he is working for. Every client that the agent brings to the company, he gets a good commission. All future dealings are then done between client and company.

2). Marketing Affiliate

The hosting reseller could be an affiliate of the company. Now he could have this by actually running a hosting business on the company name, or he could simply have a website that calls on for users to join the company if they want web hosting. Either way, he receives a good amount for being a marketer.

3). Buyer of Hosting Service

The reseller buys the hosting service or parts of the server and resells it to people for his personal benefit. Here the reseller has a responsibility of providing good services to clients of the company, as he is also treated as a customer of the company rather than its agent.

Can You Be A Hosting Reseller?

Anyone who has experience in website designing, website hosting and has a strong technical knowledge of servers and hosting systems can easily take on this business. However, you have to get in touch with a very reliable hosting company for this purpose. If the company is not effective, it would be bad for your work reputation and you might not gain a good customer database. If possible, provide all kinds of website services to customers under one roof and earn a good sum out of that.

Importance of Hosting Reseller

This business enables companies to reach out to a number of clients faster and also in greater numbers. Most reseller agents contact people they know, who refer it to their friends and so on. In this way, the company can get a number of customers which would otherwise have taken them more time. This business is also a great freelance opportunity for webmasters who want to have a good earning through a business entrepreneurship of their own.

Disadvantages of Hosting Reseller

Hosting resellers usually have loyalty clients who approach the reseller as they trust him/her. However, if the company reduces rate on its packages, the plans set out by the reseller may deem to be expensive. It is not a work mode that the agent can entirely depend on, as there are many ups and downs, especially when clients stop interacting with resellers once they know that the person has no authority or control over server hosting. Previously, people may have depended upon hosting resellers, but now with advanced Virtual Private Servers and with customers becoming more aware and tech savvy, reseller hosting is gradually losing its business. However, cloud hosting seems to have saved reseller business from fading away, as now one website is being hosted on multiple servers (this saves a site from going down) and this is why resellers are greatly needed again!

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