Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Free Website Template

The good part about taking help from a template is that if you have this need to create a very professional website, you do not require any professional skills in programming. In addition these templates are often offered free when you purchase a host. It hardly takes much time in setting up the website and even less for it to start functioning. For people who need to create a website for themselves but feel hiring a professional developer is out of their budget, this is the wisest choice. However a lot more goes into the planning and developing of a website and in this article you will find out more.

The Advantages: A website template usually has complimentary header graphics, website images and icons. And since the design has already been developed, all you need to do is put the right content in its right place. This not only saves you tons of time, you can also launch your website almost immediately. You save quite a lot of your hard earned money too.

You do not have to install extra programs or software for the templates to work. Everything has already been made for you. Also once the development is complete, the website is automatically connected to different search engines further reducing your burden. The templates are usually made on CSS or HTML so there is no question of compatibility.

The Disadvantages

Along with being extremely user friendly these free templates do have some drawbacks. The first problem is that when you use these templates, your domain name will have to be registered to your account to have a website. The domain name itself does not cost much like around $20 or less but the tricky part is that the name will be owned by the web hosting company. If some time later you decide you want to change the host provider, you will have to pay them to buy the name in switch companies. This can prove to be an added cost to the already pricey domain name fee that you have to pay every year.


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