6 Points that Indicate Your Readiness for Private Cloud Computing

In the beginning of virtualization, companies wanted to achieve more results with fewer resources, that is, efficient IT infrastructure and reduction in capital expenditure was at the heart of planning for virtualization. As time progressed, it has become important for renowned organizations to give quality service to customers signing up for their virtualized environment. Multiple business services and applications are made available through virtualization today. Service catalogs and agreements have come up to make sure that IT facilities are provided to end users in a quick, automated and secure manner. Also the CIOs and IT managers can now track IT expenses to exact departmental usage.

Nowadays, virtualization is not limited to reducing cost, but providing an IT platform with continued service so that business objectives are met duly. According to Logicalis, a global ICT – information and communications technology- company, this platform can be provided by cloud computing.

“Cloud computing is about delivering technology as a service and aligning your business’ requirements with IT’s ability to quickly respond to and deliver on those needs,” stated Mike Martin, Logicalis’ director of cloud computing. “That’s why private clouds are the next logical step after virtualization. While CIOs are developing a strategy to transform the way they deliver IT services to the business, IT managers are working through the technical design to drive the cloud transformation.”

In order to make IT professionals decide if private cloud computing is the right choice for their organizations a checklist of 6 points has been identified By Logicalis. You need to know the point where your business falls in the lifecycle of virtualization.

Is there an indication that you are ready to take in Private Cloud?

1.      You are sure of the services to provide to your customers and have lined them up in your service catalog

2.      Your business-critical applications are already running smoothly in a virtual environment

3.      The IT department in your organization runs as a value-added opportunity rather than a cost burden

4.      Your requirements for data security and compliance are already laid out

5.      There is a proper system for cost containment which lets you track back charges based on departmental usage of resources

6.      There is a requirement for your business to show agility in presenting new solutions in the market

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