5 Excellent Open Source Office Suites

There has been a rise in the Microsoft Office efficiency suite as it is now becoming the leading application of its type for enterprise IT management. Looking into your requirements, you can also look for open source office productivity suites that serve as substitutes.

There are a number of added features present in products like Microsoft Office but many workers only need a word processor or spreadsheet to work with. Therefore, having a full loaded office suite can turn to be a burden for you if you don’t have a staff with power users.

1. OpenOffice.org

OpenOffice.org is popular for serving as a Free Alternative to Microsoft Office. OpenOffice.org has got popularity since the time Sun Microsystems released StarOffice’s code in 2000. OpenOffice.org provides an offering of a complete suite of office applications such as spreadsheet, word processor and presentation manager. When looking in terms of user experience, OpenOffice.org is the closest competitor in the open source world to Microsoft Office and hence it is used by both businesses and home users. One of the most appealing attributes of the OpenOffice.org includes a decent file compatibility with Office.

The URL of OpenOffice.org is http://www.openoffice.org and the license is LGPL respectively.

2. KOffice

KOffice provides a similar functionality as that of OpenOffice. It began with providing an office suite to the KDE open source project on Linux and since then has been porting Windows and MAC OS X. Other than the normal office apps, KOffice includes applications for project organization, visual design and flowcharting. An element of KOffice suite is known as Kexi which is a free database substitute to Microsoft Access.

It was declared by Nokia the previous year that they will utilize KOffice as its essential mobile office suite for the N900 smartphone.

The URL and License of KOffice are http://www.koffice.org and LGPL & GPL respectively.

3. Simple Groupware

Although the Simple Groupware was established as an open source groupware suite but it also contains the growing amount of suite-like applications such as an online spreadsheet. The basic worksheet of the Simple Groupware provides assistance for utilities, charts, formulas, JavaScript macros, call handling and Web incorporation of pictures.

Simple Groupware has started to guise like a generic online office suite with its elements for Hypertext language and wiki papers. With the file modules you can share files, trial versions and sort folders.

4. GNOME Office

The GNOME Office is not firmly integrated like the KOffice or OpenOffice.org, it is an office suite with a set of efficiency applications that are transported with the GNOME desktop setting on Linux, but it is also capable to work on Windows.

It consists of a word processor, AbiWord, provides backing to interpretations, shrewd quotes and callable vector graphics. The spreadsheet of this office suite, Gnumeric provides support to Microsoft Excel documents and claims to be more functional.

The URL is http://live.gnome.org/GnomeOffice and the License is GPL.

5. Feng Office

The Feng Office was previously known as OpenGoo and it is not the traditional open source office suite, like other Saas offerings. You can upload, edit and share all types of files and documents on this suite. Other than that, you can also use the applications in it for note taking, e-mails, contact management, calendar, and time and task management.

The URL and License of the Feng Office are http://www.fengoffice.com and AGPL respectively.

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