5 Advantages of Managed Cloud Computing

It has been determined that, both, private cloud computing as well as the public cloud computing have their own unique sets of advantages. Between these two services, however, lies a dedicated and affordable server that is safe with a go in between, having the advantages of these servers, they boast separately. Such hosting is called managed cloud hosting.

Public cloud hosting is developed on the “compute as a utility” structure; mostly, chosen for its price compatibility, greater accessibility and protection.

Managed cloud hosting is at the opposite end of the line of the shared cloud services. Similar to public cloud computing, the servers can be bought “by the slice”, or as a virtual server individually. But the complete structure of the managed cloud has been developed, to provide safety and greater accessibility without considering the money.

The five main advantages of managed cloud hosting are:

  1. Greater accessibility: Since the managed cloud hosting server is developed around the idea to provide greater protection, private cloud design has been created with numerous hosts, SAN storage and network protection. This means that now there is more security against failure and the power to upgrade and retain the hardware, without going through too many processes.
  2. Automatic Failure and Resource Balance: Developed with VMware Enterprise Edition, as the virtualization technology, failure and resource balancing between hardware hosts, it easily manages on the virtualization level; therefore, the cloud servers are able to benefit from the greater access architecture, if the host cannot deliver.
  3. Network protection: Dedicated, safe VLANs, firewalls and IDS/IPS is placed in, for the different servers, providing a greater protection and dedicated network atmosphere that is available on private cloud services.
  4. Hybridize with Physical Servers: All those applications and database engines, which do not come up to their expectations on the virtual servers, or have to operate on a physical server to avail all of the hardware resources, can benefit from the dedicated network with cloud servers, developing a mixture of physical and virtual servers within the service.
  5. Affordable: Charges, per month, of managed clouds are more affordable than many other public clouds. Even though servers cannot be purchased by the hour you need; however; if you consider the long term enterprise applications, monthly plans are more cost effective.

Managed cloud hosting services are developed around safer and more accessible private cloud hosting infrastructure. The servers are made of an “N+1” structure and data center infrastructure. This means that the ineffectiveness in the system, from power to internet, can be overcome, at separate levels. If one part cannot deliver, the other functioning parts take place, to retain the high level of accessibility.

Not all the applications are designed to get benefit of managed cloud hosting. Research computing, development servers and test servers are some examples of less important systems, which are effective on the hour-based systems.

There are also many organizations that require safety and accessibility to their business information and client data, using either managed cloud or private hosting. With managed cloud computing, they now have protection as well as the convenience to a dedicated private cloud at only half the price.

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