1H.com Software now Fully Equipped with cPanel

A completely enhanced cPanel of the server management software has been recently launched by 1H.com. The company released a statement claiming that from now on, all major services will be fully functional with cPanel but can be modified and controlled by hosting providers in the WHM interface. Furthermore, the organization has included 3 new plugins in its software, which will allow PHP and SSH management work to be achieved easily via the cPanel interface.

The software by 1H is at present compatible with cPanel, DirectAdmin and runs in a trial beta mode for Plesk control panel. Access and usage of the 1H tools can be made through control panel interfaces. The web hosts utilizing cPanel now can also use 1H interfaces with the launch of cPanel, straight from WHM, if they consider it easier.

“We plan to develop our software so that its use is not dependent on any control panel and any hosting provider can benefit from its functionality. However, at the same time we will continue making it easier for people already used to managing their servers through a certain interface to use 1H software too”, says Tenko Nikolov, CEO and founder of 1H.com.

Three cPanel plugins also come with the recently launched 1H program. It has been developed to enhance the user experience of end hosting. The PHP version manager gives end hosting users 6 different options of PHP versions to pick from, with a different version for every file of the hosting profile. The PHP variable management plugin enables hosting users to go between various PHP variables with just one interface, without having to change many php.ini files and the SSH manager which allows SSH keys import and production easy.

About 1H:

1H focuses mainly on creating server management software for web hosting organizations. At present, it provides 4 services that aid web hosts in significantly enhancing their server capability. 1H Hive enhances server resource utilization to elevate account density on a shared server as well as alienating user accounts to make the atmosphere safe. 1H Guardian is a highly efficient server surveillance and reaction system which decreases downtime. 1H Hawk and Digits are open source programs that cost nothing. Hawk is a light infiltration tracking system which efficiently stops malicious IPs. Digits program offers a detailed estimate about the disk space and bandwidth utilization. For more information visit the website: www.1h.com.

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