100Best-Free-Web-Space.com Titles iPage as Best Provider of July 2011

With remarkable quality and reliability in its web hosting service, iPage has been titled the top web hosting provider for July 2011, by 100Best-Free-Web-Space.com. iPage has been an established web hosting provider since past decade. Employing around 800 workers, iPage provides its customers millions of websites in six different areas around the globe. Having gained, nearly, ten years of experience, iPage is well-versed in providing its customers with highly valuable and reliable web hosting services.

Dedicated Internet specialists, from 100Best-Free-Web-Space, have been testing out and reviewing numerous web hosting services, both free and paid, and have discovered that iPage has frequently been one of the top contenders. iPage provides just one web hosting plan, which is  easy enough for even a novice webmaster to use, but also robust enough to fulfill all the needs demanded by an expert webmaster. It boasts various unlimited features such as bandwidth, disk space, domains, database, MySQL and many more. iPage provides its users with all the necessary tools required to create a website, be it a simple personal website to share media content, or a large complex business website.

Along with these excellent features, iPage possesses an efficient network monitoring system, observing its servers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that they are always up and running. Webmasters have access to twenty four hours phone, email and online chat support from the company in order to seek a solution for any of their queries. iPage, even, offers a complete marketing suite, valuing at $275, since online marketing is imperative for almost all websites. Search engines and visitors can easily locate products and services being marketed by the latest websites, through Google AdWords credits, Yahoo/Bing credits and Facebook credits.

100Best-free-Web-Space takes into consideration each and every facet of a company’s web hosting plan and service while deciding upon the host of the month. Webmasters, who are in search of a dependable web host which provides all the best hosting features required from such companies, should visit the review written about iPage for further details on all the web hosting features provided by it, along with a special iPage coupon pricing.

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