Choosing the best hosting company

Everyone has to go through tedious hosting provider search process. with so many sites out there suggesting better provider I found that is probably the most authoritative providing the most to date rankings based on users reviews. Geeks have collected more than 9000 user reviews – i’ve checked about 10 and they seem legit. Pretty cool – no other site out there has so many real customer reviews. Click here to see the top 10 list of the best web hosts.

Web Hosting Geeks

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Canvas Systems and Cirracore Join Hands

Cirracore, worldwide provider of organizational cloud hosting services and Canvas Systems, a global champ of IT infrastructure remedies and services, both made an announcement in Las Vegas at VMworld 2011 that they have agreed to do business together. Canvas Systems is going to integrate its module CloudPod(TM) Solutions and Online Backup Solutions, which works as “infrastructure-as-a-service” for different private clouds with Cirracore private cloud hosting services for each cloud. Continue reading

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Cloud Computing Concept for Business Apps

The usual way to run business applications on computers was to install the app on the system, or use supportive machines, or use client-based servers to access the apps. In either case, the users’ system ought to have particular software installed to run business applications. This method of running apps is classic, but back, with a techie title being adopted rapidly. Continue reading


Oracle Releases New VM, Virtualization Software

Lately, Oracle, the database company, has pronounced to launch new server virtualization software, Oracle VM3.0. The company explaining a little about the product said, “Oracle VM 3.0 is suitable for all datacenter workloads and features new policy-based management capabilities, advanced storage management via the Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-in API; centralized network configuration management, improved ease-of-use and Open Virtualization Format (OVF) support.” Continue reading

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ServerMonkey Enlarges its Product Line

Along with offering latest and revamped servers and networking tools, ServerMonkey is providing the clients with the top-notch revamped workstations through its website. Workstations are basically the first choice of graphic designers, gamers and power users, since they help in executing top-quality graphics and exhaustive processing. Continue reading

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IBM introduces Computer Chips mimicking Brain Power

The intriguing results of IBM’s new experimental chip have come out at present. The new technology, called “cognitive computing chips,” acts like the human brain; performing functions typically associated with the brain including the ability to perceive, to act and to perform mental processes. By helping computers absorb information and learn like humans, these chips essentially replicate the brain’s decision making function. Constructed with digital silicon circuits, just two prototypes were created during the development phase. Continue reading

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SolarWinds, IT Management Software Company, Introduces Synthetic End User Monitor

SolarWinds ( , IT management software provider, has pronounced recently about the introduction of a new application management solution, namely, SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor. This latest application is meant to help the administrators to supervise the web-based transactions in apps. Continue reading

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StopBadware Launches New Program for Hosting

Reportedly, StopBadware has pronounced to introduce the ‘We Stop Badware Web Host program in the market (for hosting affiliate program visit The aim of the program is to publicize the StopBadware Best Practices for Web Hosting Providers, by enabling the hosting companies (pursuing the Practices) to flaunt the We Stop Badware Web Host seal on their online sites. This step is meant to let everyone know that a particular hosting service provider is seriously making efforts in protecting the clients from badware. Continue reading

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Trend Micro Chosen by Go Daddy Group

Trend micro has been selected by the Go Daddy group- a leading provider of internet hosting, domain registrations & SSL certificates- to enhance their understanding and prevention of online catastrophic attacks.

Go Daddy group has a large user base of 9.4 million, with more than 49 million registered domains and 5 million active hosting accounts. Trend Micro specializes in security for live data center from all sorts of attacks, whether physical, virtual or cloud servers. Continue reading

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FastHost Finally Begins Revealing Names of Great Exhibition Contest Winners

The UK based web hosting provider, Fasthosts, has started naming the victors of best British business projects, initiated in concurrence with The Great Exhibition 2012. Continue reading

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